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​Orders usually take 2-3 days for processing to leave our facility. Items are shipped Standard UPS Ground or USPS Retail Ground and are billed based on size, weight and delivery location. 


Due to copyright infringement and violations, all sales are final. There are no returns, refunds or exchanges on any products sold here. 

All products sold by Customize Your ATV require basic tools and some mechanical knowledge of ATVs/UTVs for installation. While all products come with full, color instructions, please ensure you have basic mechanical knowledge of your ATV/UTV before making your purchase. If you need help, or have questions about installing your CYA products, you can contact us 7 days a week. 

LED light kits, light bars and switches are non-returnable. All electrical product sales are final. Installation of electrical kits and components require basic mechanical and circuitry knowledge. 

Customize Your ATV is not responsible for any damage to your ATV/UTV, resulting from the installation and/or use of any products sold here. Customize Your ATV is not responsible for any type of buyer negligence; this includes unpacking of product, installation of product, maintenance of product and use of the ATV/UTV the product is used on. You, the buyer, are solely responsible for any damages to your ATV/UTV, whether caused by installation, mis-use and/or non-maintenance of products bought here and used on your machine.

Products sold here are intended to protect and guard your machine while riding in extreme conditions. This includes water, mud, snow, dirt, sand, etc. Customize Your ATV products DO NOT prevent damage to your machine. Use caution and maintenance your machine and products regularly to ensure they operate effectively. 

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