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The InterForce 628 is a hybrid paddy/agricultural style mud munching monster.  This ultra-aggressive Ag type ATV/UTV tire is at home in the roughest fields on the farm as it is in the muddiest boggs of the swamp.


Do you live in an area that can be difficult to navigate through with all the mud and rocks and the tires you have just aren’t cutting it? The Interco InterForce 628 6-Ply Tire is the tire that make your ride be the best right hand man you could have. This product has and ultra-aggressive tread pattern that will serve its purpose in the roughest farm fields and in the muddiest marshes on your land. If the farm is your life, then this ag traditional tire will withstand your tests. Get the job done with this aggressive beast!


This is for the tire only. Wheel is not included. 

InterForce 628 Tire by Interco

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