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Introducing a Mud/Trail hybrid showcasing a .80-1.25” dual-stage tread, delving deep for exceptional traction while ensuring a seamlessly smooth ride. (Wheel NOT included).

• Innovative Mud/Trail hybrid featuring a .80-1.25” dual stage tread that digs deep and offers a smooth ride.

• The Outlaw M/T’s super-aggressive center tread is unmatched in traction, smoothness, and forward propulsion on trails and in the mud.

• 10-ply rated radial carcass perfectly blends flexibility and durability along with a wide footprint for maximum traction and floatation.

• Deep shoulder lugs offer extreme traction in the ruts and roots out on the trails.

• Super deep rim guard protects wheel lips and helps avoid pinch flats at lower psi.

High Lifter Outlaw M/T Tire

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