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The name says it all.  Moto Race Tires "MRT" are mean to put you on the podium!  If you are serious about racing you need race-specific gear and your tires are some of the most important equipment you can invest in.  Races are won and lost by traction and durability. MRT is the only true Kevlar tire on the market so its durability is outstanding and will hold up to whatever you can throw at it.


Not just for Rock Racers any longer. A perfect tire for back woods, ultimate trail and climbing tire. Just don't drive it on black top or paved roads too much. Its soft and made for maximum traction and bite in softer terrain and Rocks. The sidewalls are much stronger because of the Kevlar construction enabling you to regulate your tire pressures for max traction without fear of blowing a tire sidewall.


Everything about the Dual Threat tire has been optimized for racing, from the deep corner tread bite to the dual durometer tread composition. Everything about this tire was designed for extreme grip, maximum traction, sidewall durability, and versatility.

  • Self Cleaning square tread provides maximum contact patch for the highest levels of traction and aggressive cornering characteristics.
  • Super strong Aramid construction for maximum sidewall protection, sidewall traction flex, and weight reduction.
  • One-of-a-kind Aramid belt construction, ultimate sidewall puncture performance.
  • Optimized with extreme self-cleaning deep sidewalls for cornering in soft terrain.


This is for the tire only. Wheel is not included. 

Dual Threat Tire by MRT

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