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Looking for the perfect durable tire for your machine? BKT is ready to perform for you! With it's roots in the agriculture and heavy equipment industry, BKT brings their tire making expertise to the offroad world. 


The TR 171 is a deep tread tire suitable for the muddiest of conditions. Thanks to its outstanding self-cleaning properties, it is ideal for wet and moist soil. Designed with a special compound, TR 171 provides excellent traction and extraordinary durability also in the harshest operating conditions. While the group (BKT) foundation dates back to the 1950s, Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT) started its off-road tire business in 1987. For over 30 years, BKT has successfully focused on specialist segments such as agricultural, construction and industrial as well as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV, and gardening applications.


  • Tractor lug tread design
  • 6 & 8 ply rating depending on size.
  • Self cleaning
  • Ideal for muddy conditions
  • 1.5” center depth
  • 2” shoulder depth

BKT TR 171 TT 6-Ply Tire

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