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Are you tired of having to carry 2 or 3 extra ball joints on every ride? So were we! For some riders, replacing busted ball joints has become as common as refueling. If this sounds like you, the APEXX Performance Ball Joint is High Lifter's answer to your struggle!

By their nature ball joints cannot be made to last forever. There is simply too much friction, wear, and stress they must endure to last a lifetime. Our goal here at High Lifter was to design an option that would last far longer than other ball joints on the market. So we developed the new APEXX Performance Ball Joint. We could write 10 pages on all the benefits this new ball joint provides you, but we will try and keep it brief.


  • 2x Stronger than OEM Ball Joints
  • 4340 Chromoly Housing, Bushing, Cap & Stud
  • Oversized Sphere and Stud Diameter with Optimized Profile
  • Fully Serviceable & Rebuildable for Increased Longevity and Reliability

Even a brand new and well lubricated ball joint can break under extreme conditions. This is seen more often in OEM ball joints as well as some of the cheaper aftermarket ball joints sold today. They are often made just well enough to be used on a stock vehicle driven under normal riding conditions. Typically designed with smaller shafts and softer metals to reduce cost, they simply will not hold up under the conditions that veteran riders with vehicles running performance enhancing accessories or larger tires put them through. When creating the APEXX Performance Ball Joint, we used 4340 chromoly steel for not only the housing, but also the stud itself. The stud is what bares most of the forces applied to the ball joint, so we designed ours to be thicker and with a design profile that gives maximum relief against load pressure. The housing and stud have also had an attractive black zinc coating applied to them for increased protection against corrosion. All of this together adds up to a ball joint with twice the strength of its OEM counterparts.

We wanted the ability to add new grease to the ball joint whenever we wanted and rebuild them as the need arose. You see, many if not most of the ball joints that came factory-installed on your vehicle and even many of the aftermarket ball joints have been sealed for life. That is, they cannot be greased or rebuilt. This sounds like a good idea, I mean who likes to perform regular maintenance, right? The problem with sealed-for-life ball joints is the seals and other internal components are often made up of some type of plastic or synthetic, and when plastic is paired against steel parts, you can imagine which will fail first from wear or applied stress. Often, you are not able to tell that your seal has failed, allowing a loss of grease until the ball joint starts popping and then seizes and breaks. When this happens, the only option you have is to replace the ball joint with a new one. Well, that is just not acceptable, so we designed the new APEXX ball joint without these synthetic seals, liners, or bushings. Our design uses all steel on steel parts, allowing for a longer life and providing the ability to be easily rebuilt and greased via a needle zerk fitting. Now, no matter if you are riding in the dunes, mountains, or woods, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your ball joint has fresh grease and it’s built with the strength to withstand the ride ahead.

As mentioned before, everything can wear down over time. This is especially true for components used on offroad vehicles. No matter how great they are lubricated or how strong they are made, any part that constantly moves and is mated against another part will wear. That’s why our design allows you to easily set the pressure applied against the ball joint stud. This way, any “slack” caused from wear can be removed with a simple turn of the adjustment screw. When the wear becomes too much to be adjusted out, then simply rebuild the ball joint with our ball joint rebuild kit and now you’re as good as new.

APEXX Lower Ball Joint - Can-Am Models

  • High Lifter offers a 1-year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser that our product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product if utilized in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for installation and operation of said products.

    Customize your ATV is not resposnible for any missing parts, damages, issues or other ailment associated with item. Any and all claims must be made with High Lifter directly. 

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