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Snorkel Kits

We are a distributor of Snorkel Your ATV kits. SYA kits are the most advanced and best looking snorkel kit around! From fit to finish, these snorkel kits are not only built to perform, but look great while doing it. Warrior Wear tips snap in and out easily for cleaning. Risers interlock for a strong and straight install and have built in vent line slots for vent lines. 

No re-jetting! Kits are designed to fit around existing parts for easy install and come complete with color instructions. 

All Warrior Riser kits come standard with removable warrior wear tips that snap in and out easily for cleaning. While they are not required to use with the Warrior Riser, they are there when you need them and are easily cleaned and reusable for long term use with water repellent material. 


Warrior Wear comes unglued so that you have the option to hydro-coat or paint your parts to custom match your machine. Parts are easily glued with Locktite Stick'n Seal Glue. 

​Most snorkel kits require you to cut/trim some plastics to install. Easily assembled with minimal mechanical knowledge of your machine. 

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