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No more muddy radiators that overheat! CYA custom Radiator Relocation Kits re-position your radiator for better air flow and are easier to clean and maintain. Our kits are designed with easy access to radiator cap for refill and maintenance. 

Don't be fooled by other kits that mount behind your head and give you heat stroke, or those that mount in the rear and take up all your cargo space..... I mean, where are you going to put your cooler? And what about your site visibility? Our CYA Radiator Relocation Kits ensure function, style and keep your visibility lines open! And let's be real.... they simply look awesome... better than any other kit on the market! 


Most kits include a front mounting plate to allow for easy install of LED light bars and other accessories, if desired. Kits include honeycomb screen, at no extra cost, to help hide and protect that not-so-great-looking radiator.

(Many other brands will charge you for this.)


​Use with or without your stock hood to get the look you want!

​Radiator Relocation Kits come with full instructions, color photos and are easily assembled with minimal mechanical knowledge of your machine. Radiator Relocation Kits come fully powder coated in matte black and include aluminum screen. Screen can be painted, by you, to create a more custom look. Kits also come complete with hardware and additional tubing, hose and wiring to safely and correctly relocate your radiator. Kits look great with LED back-lighting too!

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Radiator Relocation Kit

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