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No more muddy radiators that overheat! This CYA Radiator Relocation Kit provides High Performance air flow with 1250 CFMs (150 more than factory settings). Kit also repositions your radiator to get it out of the mud/dirt/debris and is easier to clean and maintain. Designed with easy access to radiator cap for refill and maintenance. Kit comes with hood insert at no extra cost. We have the ONLY Radiator Relocation Kit for the new Ranger (new body style) on the market! The CYA Rad Kit out performs the other guys that have mounts that stick straight up off your hood or mount behind your head and are completely exposed! Don't forget those other kits simply don't look good. ​​Our CYA Radiator Relocation Kit combines function, high performance air flow and style with easy assembly. Parts are fully powder coated in matte black. Screen is aluminum and comes in silver. Screen can be painted, by you, to create a more custom look (as shown here in pictures.) Comes complete with all hardware, brass fittings, mounting parts, high performance fan assembly and hose to safely and correctly relocate your radiator. Kit is designed to repurpose your factory hood for venting (requires some cutting).


​This CYA Radiator Relocation Kit fits:

- 2018 Ranger 1000 Reg Cab (new body style) for PS, HD, MD options

- 2018-2019 Ranger 1000 XP EU/Tractor, EPS/TR/ZUG (new Body Style)

- 2019-2024 1000/1000XP PS, Mud, RC, HD, High Lifter, BC 49s/50s, TX, CA - 3Str and Crew Cab (new body style)

- 2023-2024 1000 XP Crew Cab (new body style)


This kit DOES NOT fit:

- Any of the Ranger old body styles (CLICK HERE for Ranger old body style)

- 2018 Ranger XP PS MUD

- 2018 1000 PS Crew Cab

- 2018 1000 XP Crew Cab

- 2018-22 NST/NSTR models

- 2020-23 1000 Full Size PS/FO 3Str or Crew - Diesel Models

Polaris Ranger 1000/1000XP Radiator Relocation Kit 2018-2024 (New Body Style)

  •  Due to high demand, it is currently taking 1-2 weeks to ship out radiator relocation kits. Once your item ships, a tracking email will be sent to you. Thank you.

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