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High Lifter has added a new tough axle to it's Outlaw line. The new Outlaw DHT X is a dual heat treated double plunging axle. Upgrade your machine with the ultra-durable High Lifter Outlaw DHT X Axle and dominate challenging terrain with complete confidence. This premium rear axle boasts significant upgrades in strength, performance, and weather resistance, making it the ideal choice for serious off-road enthusiasts.


Built to Outlast the Elements:

  • Unmatched Strength: Experience a 15%-20% increase in diameter compared to standard axles. This translates to superior strength and the ability to handle demanding trails with ease.
  • 4340 Chromoly Steel Construction: The housing races, cages, and heavy-duty bars are constructed from high-strength 4340 Chromoly steel. This exceptional material guarantees a highly responsive, efficient, and long-lasting driving experience, no matter how extreme the conditions.
  • All-Weather Performance: Conquer any adventure with confidence. Puncture-resistant boots shield the axle from trail debris, while high-performance grease with molybdenum and anti-oxidation properties protects internal components against extreme heat, cold, and moisture.
  • Double-Plunged Axles: Enjoy a smoother ride and optimal performance thanks to double-plunged axles that minimize friction and maximize load distribution.
  • Broad Lift Kit Compatibility: This axle is designed to work seamlessly with various lift kits. It accommodates 1.5”-5” bracket lifts from specific brands, all portal gear lifts, and certain forward A-arm lifts up to 2” on select models.
  • Dual Heat-Treated CV Joint Housings: Because your Polaris General deserves the best, we've included dual heat-treated CV joint housings for unmatched durability and extended service life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will this axle fit my specific Polaris General 1000 model year? Please consult the Fits section for model-specific fitment information.
  • How durable is this axle compared to a standard option? The Outlaw DHT X axle offers significant advantages due to its increased diameter, premium materials, and advanced construction. It's built to withstand the harshest off-road conditions and outlast regular axles.

Additional Features:

  • 18-month limited warranty (see warranty for details)

Key Benefits:

  • Tackle tough terrain with unparalleled strength and confidence
  • Experience a smoother, more responsive ride for a comfortable off-road experience
  • Maximize performance and longevity with durable, all-weather materials
  • Peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty


Outlaw DHT X Axle - Can Am Defender (rear)

  • Can-Am Defender HD9 DPS CAB 2022-2023
    Can-Am Defender HD10 LTD 2021-2023
    Can-Am Defender HD10 LTD CAB 2021
    Can-Am Defender HD10 LTD 6x6 2023
    Can-Am Defender HD10 DPS LTD CAB 2023
    Can-Am Defender HD10 XT CAB 2023
    Can-Am Defender HD10 XT LTD CAB 6x6 2023
    Can-Am Defender HD10 XMR 2018-2023
    Can-Am Defender HD10 XMR w/Doors 2023

    Can-Am Defender MAX HD8 XT 2018
    Can-Am Defender MAX Lone Star 2018

    Can-Am Defender MAX HD10 Lone Star 2019-2022
    Can-Am Defender MAX HD10 CAB 2019
    Can-Am Defender MAX HD10 LTD 2022
    Can-Am Defender MAX HD10 XT CAB 2018
    Can-Am Defender MAX HD10 XMR 2019-2023
    Can-Am Defender MAX HD10 XMR w/Doors 2023
    Can-Am Defender PRO HD10 Lone Star 2022
    Can-Am Defender PRO HD10 LTD 2022


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